The easier, smarter wedding guest list.

The easier, smarter guest list.

Manage your guest list and organize all the details of your big day. Collect RSVPs, track responses, and communicate with guests—all in one place.

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Why you'll love your free guest list manager.

Organize guests using labels.

Create your own labels for friends, party groups, kids, out-of-town guests. Quickly filter and see how your counts add up.

Assign & limit +1s.

Invite guests and their plus ones while keeping RSVPs organized—all in one place.

Get accurate counts for everything.

Get an accurate count of your guests, including +1s. Track RSVPs, meal choices, and more in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Ask your own RSVP questions.

Go beyond “Are you attending?” and ask guests about meal choices, mailing addresses— or even song requests!

Import or export spreadsheets.

Already using a spreadsheet like Excel or Google Sheets? Quickly import it. Need to provide data to a vendor? Export it.

RSVP using your website or app.

Joy makes it simple and beautiful for guests to RSVP for themselves and their +1s—with your app or your website!

Honestly, helps so much with organizing the guest list. So grateful for this app!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your guests do not have to create an account to RSVP. Creating an account is totally optional and the prompt comes after guests complete their RSVP. Creating an account and password lets guests easily update their RSVP answers at a later date and also allows them to like and comment on your photos in the Moments section.

If guests RSVP online, we’ll automatically update your guest list with all of their RSVP answers! If guests RSVP using a paper card, you can easily add their responses and see your updated counts right away.

Yes, guests are able to change their RSVP responses. These changes will automatically be updated in your guest list and you’ll receive an email notification any time it happens. You can also manually update their responses in your guest list at any time.

You totally can, there is a setting for that allows you to check guests’ names against your list as they RSVP.

Yes! All of our features, including the guest manager, are totally free from start to finish.

You can generally expect about 85% of local guests and 55% of out-of-town guests to attend your wedding. Note that there are various reasons why the friends and family members on your wedding guest list would choose not to attend—such as high travel costs, bad timing due to work and family commitments, and complicated relationship dynamics—so take these estimates with a grain of salt.

The average wedding has about 120 guests, which is considered a medium-sized affair. This means that if you’re looking to have a similar-sized wedding, you should invite at least 150 people.

A small wedding usually indicates 50 guests or less. As such, the smaller the number of guests, the more intentional you should be about who ends up on your list. A good rule of thumb is if you feel guilty, burdened, or obligated about inviting anyone—friends, acquaintances, and immediate and extended family members included—it’s best not to extend the invite. Check out our article People You Can Leave Off Your Guest List for guidance on how to narrow down your wedding guest list.

It depends on a few factors: if you want a small or large wedding; if your wedding will have a focus on community or tradition; and if you prefer to have a local wedding, hometown wedding, or destination wedding that’ll require most guests to travel.

Think about your relationships with family and friends near and far and from different stages of your life. Take the time to ask yourself: Who is on my a-list? Who is on my b-list? Who can I imagine not being at my wedding, and how does that thought and that person make me feel? Indifference, or a lack of confidence or conviction about any one person, is usually a good indication of where—and with whom—you can start shortening the wedding guest list.

Then, limit or eliminate +1s and the option of bringing children in order to reduce the number of guests and cut down on costs. Explore Getting Started With Your Wedding Guest List for more information on how to navigate wedding planning and your guest list preferences.

This is a personal decision between you and your partner, much like other decisions you’ll make throughout your wedding planning, and there’s no hard and fast rule one way or the other. If you have certain coworkers whom you feel close to and would consider real friends—because you share personal details about your life with them, plan weekend activities with them, or have known them for a long time in a social capacity outside of work—by all means, you should extend an invite. And this includes your boss if any of the above is true.

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