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Joy is easy to setup, simple to use, and loved by guests.

I love the design! I’m a sucker for good visual and UX design. Joy looks good and is so intuitive for our guests!
Wedding Photo by Shay & Olive Photography

Nicholas & Micah

“Joy thinks of everything when it comes to creating and designing a wedding website.”

Wedding Photo by Liv Lyszyk Photography

Morgan & Abe

“I love the design! I’m a sucker for good visual and UX design. Joy looks good and is so intuitive for our guests!”

Wedding Photo by RJ of Foxgrove Films

Daphne & Jorge

“I fell in love with the interface. I’m also excited to have my guests download the app so they can post pictures and communicate.”

Wedding Photo by Andrew May Photography

Jordan & Tyler

“It takes care of basically everything for the guests!”

Wedding Photo by Hand + Arrow Photography

Emily & Collin

“It’s so customizable! The layouts and the suggestions give the right push to make sure we cover all of the bases.”

Wedding Photo by Mark Fierst Photography

Lucy & Marvin

“It is extremely user-friendly! Even my 85-year-old grandma RSVP’d on her own from London.”

Wedding Photo by Main + Simple Photography

Katie & Thanit

“Our favorite part is how prominent photos are and how sleek and modern the site is!”

Samantha and Joel Wedding Photo

Samantha & Joel

“The user-friendly style and sleek designs. It’s been so easy making the site and it’s just the right amount of wedding with not too much ‘bride’!”

Wedding Photo by Menning Photographic

Kayla & Randy

“Living abroad and having everything come in and out of the same website is beyond perfect for us. This alone saves my sanity!"

Malika and Dyron Wedding Photo

Malika & Dyron

It was really easy to set up! Joy took the guesswork out of what should I include and how should I make it look. It also took hours of coding out of my hands – woot!

Wedding Photo by Katelyn Barthlome Photography

Jose & Dan

“Joy is easy to use. It also has a contemporary feel to it and more choices to choose from than other wedding sites!”

Wedding Photo by Melissa Ivy Photography

Tina Marie & Johnny

"I have enjoyed the one-stop-shop idea. I can send the link to all of my guests and they can instantly know about the details, RSVP and even get to know the people in our wedding party."